When @RugbyWal met Ryan Jones.

It's the morning after the night before and the Dragons have just lost, ok thumped by Edinburgh in the semi final of the challenge cup and I'm thinking aren't I supposed to be somewhere ?

Sharon my better and better looking partner reminds me that I have been invited to the millennium stadium to attend a Q&A breakfast with welsh rugby legend Ryan jones and I better get my skates on as I only have 30 minutes till it starts !

So clutching a cup of black coffee and wearing my new rugby united polo shirt (Thanks to Akuma rugby!!) off I stumble to Cardiff.

Now the millennium stadium is a very imposing building and on match days is easy to get into, however on a Saturday morning with a hangover and it is just you trying to find a doorway which is the size of a house door with no directions or signs on a building this large is another matter !

Having found my way in I'm led to the millennium lounge.

I'm met by Rugby World magazine writer and scrum V radio pundit Paul Williams who is hosting the event and invited me to the event with Ryan so thanks Paul.

Many questions were asked and I have selected just a few or this blog would be over 20000 words long.

Q1: what was the greatest era/game he had played in and why ?

Ryan said it had to be the 2005 grand slam season as it wasn't planned and they played each match by the skin of their pants with no game plan and not knowing what would happen next, and the last march against Ireland and the support the team had from the fans was fantastic.

Q2: when Wales played New Zealand and Haka gate, had they planned to do their own version of the Haka or was it just a urban myth.

Ryan said that they had talked about in the captains run the day before and what should their response be, we asked Gats who replied do you know when the Haka ends ? Well it ends when the opposition turns away, so we decided as a team we wouldn't turn away, so on match day we refused to turn away after the all blacks finished and just stood there wondering what would happen next, the stadium went silent all you could hear was the sound of people sitting back down in their seats, then seconds latter people getting back up to see what was happening then it was like being in a 1D concert with all the flashes going off around us and the sound of the crowd was incredible, what seemed like ages but in reality was only a few seconds the ref came over to me and asked me to take my team away as captain I said no and something like it's our stadium and we staying put ! In the end the New Zealand team moved off and the game kicked off.

Q3: who is or was the greatest player you have played with or against ?

There are so many, I played rugby with some great players for example Martin Williams and Shane Williams but one player who does stand out is Dan Carter I remember in one game he touched the ball 9 times in the first few minutes and each time he did something different with the ball from passing,grubber kick and kicking it to the corner.

Well that's finally it these were 3 of many questions asked to Ryan

But I think the best thing about the morning after the Q&A Ryan came up to me and asked me what #rugbyunited was all about as he had noticed the logo on my polo shirt. I explained what we were, history etc and he was very impressed and wished us luck for the future !

Gareth ( Rugbywales )