What Now? Part 9

Got my mojo back this week.

Had a really good week with both diet and exercise. Did lots of additional cardio this week, really hard work but well worth it.

Results are really starting to show now( will post a pic soon) 1 notch of the belt moved!!

One area I'm struggling with is lower abs but I'm sure a conversation with Paul from @dinosaursupps will put me straight

I honestly thought I would be bored of the diet by now but, honestly, I'm not. When I have my cheat meal I thought would really enjoy it but the honest answer is, you can taste the fat in most of it and it's really not nice.

So a good pick up after last weeks struggle and another Kg off

Now weighing 82.5 Kg

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Dinosaur Nutrition ltd, was born after two great friends, Paul Beswick former Great Britain International Pole Vaulter and Shaun Dinosaur Davis, Former Mr Universe, found that the industry was not providing people with the nutrient values that they clearly required. All of Dinosaur’s product are designed to be lean, as the majority of people just want to be healthy and toned, and that’s what they bring to you via Dinosaur Nutrition.