What now? part 5! by Nick Lewis

So after my break where I put a little back on( not good) I got back on to the programme supplied by @dinosaursupps.

To be fair, it's not a difficult diet to stick to. As I mentioned before, I eat or have a protein shake every 3 hours so I'm not hungry at any point during the day.

The interesting thing about the diet is how much I enjoy the food I have, instead of just wolfing it down, I strangely have started taking my time and really enjoying every mouthful.
I have no urge whatsoever for fatty foods or chocolate which is excellent.

The training programme is still hard, mainly because I have increased the weight that i am using but then I wouldn't want it to be easy, what would be the point to that?

I have had a massive gain in stamina this week. I don't know if it's because I'm not carrying so much weight or whether I'm getting fitter or more than likely it's a combination of both.

Also this week I had a superb hoody sent to me from @noscrumnowin to wear after training. Thanks to them, check out their twitter profile for a link to their website.

So all in all progress is still good, the weight loss, although slowed a little, is still happening at a good rate.

I can honestly say that I am really enjoying this challenge. It's amazing that with the right advice and support and a bit of willpower, how much you can achieve.

Weight this week. 86kg
Speak next week

Nick (@NickLewisno8)


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