What now? part 4- by Nick Lewis!

This week I have trained like a demon. To the point where I think I may have pushed myself a little too hard!!
Strength continues to gain.
Fitness is definitely improving.

The weird looks in the gym continue. I see the guys in the gym work really slowly, talk a lot, groan a lot and drop lots of weights. I, on the other hand, have my exercise plan and go 45 mins flat out. The only time I pause is the 5 seconds between sets and the minute between exercises. This is a very difficult way of training but burns lots of calories, improves stamina and improves recovery.

I trained/ dieted up to Thursday. From Thursday to Sunday I was a little less strict with the diet as I was away with my wife for 4 days on a small break. So I'm guessing I have put a little weight back on as the ship was over run with food and it is the only break I will have this year. I didn't let up on the exercise though and trained every day. Managed to run 3 miles straight off, easy for most, not so easy when you have shot knees.

So, holiday over , back to the strict programme from Monday and time to get back on target.

I feel a little guilty for coming away from the diet but I also have the upmost confidence in the programme from Dinosaur Nutrition and will be back on target soon enough.
See you next week.

About Dinosaur Nutrition
Dinosaur Nutrition ltd, was born after two great friends, Paul Beswick former Great Britain International Pole Vaulter and Shaun Dinosaur Davis, Former Mr Universe, found that the industry was not providing people with the nutrient values that they clearly required. All of Dinosaur's product are designed to be lean, as the majority of people just want to be healthy and toned, and that’s what they bring to you via Dinosaur Nutrition.