What now? Part 2 by Nick Lewis


So I promised a weekly update, so here is the first one.



I received my training schedule from Paul at @dinosaursupps. My immediate thoughts

“That doesn’t look too bad”

First mistake. Although the training is 45mins a day, 4-5 times a week. Its 45 mins of intense weight training with very little rest (5 secs between sets).

My first session was chest and biceps, 5 – 6 exercises on each body part.

The chest exercises were ok but seriously hard but the fun bit came with the biceps. The first 5 exercise were hard but ok, on the 6th exercise is when it started to get hard.

I came out of the gym blowing and sweating but with a real sense of achievement, I hadn’t given up and I felt really good.

The soreness of the next few days gave me a sure sign that I am doing things right so its oddly something I now look forward too.


Paul also sent me my diet sheet and lean protein powder this week. My immediate thoughts

“he wants me to eat every 3 hours”

In my own head I thought I  would be eating less but after speaking to Paul and getting the science behind it, I now understand why I eat(or drink a protein shake)6 times a day.

I along with everyone else thought that the protein powder would make crappy, dusty flavoured shakes.


The shakes are absolutely superb. You probably think that I have to say that because @Dinosaursupps are sponsoring me on my challenge but what would be the point of that?

If I lied, it wouldn’t benefit me, it would get me lots of intriguing tweets.

The truth is, the shakes are good.

Eating every 3 hours also means that you are never hungry so no snacking. Genius!!

So, in summary

The first week has been hard, interesting but well worth it and I am enjoying every minute of it.


Same time next week.