A week is a long time in rugby - by Andrew Richardson

A week is a long time in rugby - by Andrew Richardson

A week is a long time in Rugby! Japanese star Mafi has signed with Bath. Madigan is off to France, Munster lose at Thomond, and Quins v Glaws show what attacking rugby looks like, or really poor defence. 

@rugbySamoa sent a link to Twitter with a good article from from the NZ Herald. Now it's not often I agree with them, but this article made me think, and sadly for the second time in a year I agree. The thoughts were about Super Rugby and what a nonsense competition it really is. Thousands of air miles, thousands of Rands, Yen and Dollars spent for what? I don't honestly think the average Reds fans really will travel to watch them v Sunwolves. The same for Sunwolves fans. The NZ team and set up is undoubtedly the best organisation in professional sport. That however is not through Super Rugby. It's through identifying talent early, developing and cutting away those that can't keep up. The bubble will burst but not for some time yet. One of the article strands was about control. The writer believes the Union should let the clubs be more autonomous and not interfere in player selections and movement. The IRFU have had that for years and very successfully got the four provinces on board. More recently the Welsh have started centrally contracting players. I believe that they now have 17 players with Dan Biggar the last to sign. I don't think one article will change the NZ Union, but it may make supporters think! 

Ospreys Fijian hit man has been cited for "lifting a player from the ground and dropping or driving that player into the ground" when tackling Owen in the 51st minute. Josh Matavesi will face a disciple hearing on Wednesday. 

Ian Madigan said all the right things to press after it was announced he was off to Bordeaux. He has had great success at Leinster and pushed Sexton hard since his return from Racing Metro last year. A true rugby live wire will be missed as a great 2nd at the RDS. A 2nd that would be first choice in many English clubs! 

That lasted long! So the fans favourite Andy Goode is out of retirement and off to the Falcons! Not a lot of love for him from London Irish fans as they still see him effectively leaving them in the lurch when he retired. I love Andy Goode and as he is only 2 months younger than I am, fair play to him! If he can still run, pass and kick at 35, with the middle age spread, that's great! 

Well that's pretty much the roundup for this week. Enjoy the games this week and remember your local clubs this Christmas! A rugby shirt is for life not just for Christmas!