#theme XV -Wrestlemania special!!

Yeah, I know, wrestlings fake. It's been a while since my last theme xv though, and a few of my buddies are in San Francisco to watch it live, so I figured I'd jump in with the most niche ThemeXV yet..... my Wrestlemania special...


The front Row.

1 - Earthquake

2- Rhyno

3- Typhoon


Big, mobile props and a fast hooker that's built like a brick sh*thouse. perfect balance! Just missing out, Yokozuna and Mark Henry as props, Hacksaw Jim Duggan as hooker.


4 - Undertaker

5- Kane

picked over the bigger Khali and big Show as one is immobile and 1 you couldn't lift

back row.


7-Seth Rollins

8- Brock Lesnar

A heady mix of guile, size and slight evilness. Repo Man would be another choice for a sneaky 7

The Half backs

9-Chris Jericho

10- Bret 'Hitman'Hart

Jericho has the motormouth that is the trademark of a scrum half and Bret is the excellence of execution.

the Backline

11- X-Pac (cos of his educated feet)

12- Roman Reigns (would run through brick walls!)

13- Macho Man Randy Savage. (fast and slightly mad....perfect centre material)

14- Shawn Michaels (i see him in the intelligent veteran, Habana style role)

15- Randy Orton (last line of defence..... RKO out of nowhere)


Bit of nonsense on this Sunday afternoon.....