The THEME XV -Part 6!

Dun dun dun dududududu!

As mentioned on Twitter (and suggested by one of my worrkmates)- iiiiiits -


EASTENDERS!!!! (i bloody LOVE Eastenders!)

15- Kurtley (IAN) BEALE

14- Drew (Phil) MITCHELL

13-Anthony (Johnny) ALLEN

12- Dan (Shirley) CARTER

11- Ieuan (Barry) EVANS

10- Grant (Denis) Fox

9- Rupert (Alfie) MOON

8- Eric (Darren) MILLER

7- (Carol) Jackson Wray

6-Micky (Ethel) SKINNER

5- Ed (Lola) PEARCE

4- Ed (Kat) SLATER

3- Geoff (Cora) CROSS

2- Rory (Adam) BEST

1- Fran (Dot) COTTON

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upcoming :- Politicians