RWC on the big screen? Yes please!!!

Rachel Preston, who is part of @letsGROWrugby (but most importantly is a rugby mum) Tweeted me last night with this idea, and I for one think it's a great shout! I'll leave you with Rachel's blog and I'll chuck my input in at the end!!

A rugby mum's idea!

So today our 8 year old TV broke! Tragedy it meant we had to go out on a Bank holiday and go shopping, not what I planned but better than cleaning! So we bundled into the car and went to Currys in Banbury, where we spent an hour trying to work out this new TV world that we know nothing about. But this 4K thing looked good! We choose a TV, to find it was out of stock, annoyed wasn't the words I used! So after frantic searching on McDonalds crap Wi Fi, we travelled from Banbury to Oxford in the rain to Currys. We ended up buying a different TV,  but we were happy shoppers and went home. We set up the new "sci fi" TV and were watching the rugby when I suddenly said to my husband (after seeing these guys in new big screen action meaning happy mummy!)  "wouldn't it be fantastic if our local cinema streamed (not steamed)  the Rugby World Cup games on their big screens" if this happened it would enable us people who either couldn't afford the tickets or get them, to be able to watch the games on the big screen with friends and family and have a fantastic few hours. Because let's face it when the games are on the cinemas will be quiet and surely can  let one or even two screens become available for rugby fans! After a recent visit to my local cinema, which I'm not ashamed to say was to watch fifty shades (not as erotic as the book ill like to add!) I was gob smacked to be charged a tenner to get in! and that didn't include free popcorn or a bag of jelly babies (getting old). I was shocked and after my idea today I suddenly thought I'd pay  a tenner to go and watch rugby on the big screen !!

what I'm trying to say is I think as #RUGBYUNITED we need to get support for my idea and put it to the big boss at Odeon (or any other!) Cinemas to try and make this happen. To allow their cinemas to be filled with happy polite fun rugby fans who will pay money to support their favourite game and fill their cinemas up on a quiet days


Rachel touched upon a very important point in there. We, as the everyday rugby fans have been largely priced out of many of the RWC games. But also, there are games up the length and breadth of the country, which would make it impossible to see every game you'd like, especially for people with a family that simply can't afford to go to RWC matches, but would like to experience watching in a group. 

The cinema idea runs between watching at home and watching in a pub/club  for me. You get a big screen, a comfy chair and a crowd of people to watch with, and I'd wager a £20 family ticket would end up costing less than 2 hours in the pub with the kids and certainly less than one ticket for a Class C or above game!

Obviously you wouldn't have every game on, but I reckon you could get a 100 people to a home nations showing, maybe even an All Blacks, South Africa or Australia game.

I am genuinely going to email this blog to the various Cinema chains, we can only try!!