The #Rugbyunited predictions game - your matches!

The #Rugbyunited predictions game - your matches!

Ok, this blog is particularly aimed at the various players of the RWC predictions special, just to clarify the rules and how to play!

Basically it'll work the same way as the regular season game worked, you will be given games to choose the correct scores for, and the points will be as follows :-

Closest to correct score gap gets 1  point (Must have correct winning team)

Gap correct but score incorrect gets 2 points (Must have correct winning team)

Score spot on gets 3 points (Must have correct winning team)

In the event of 2 people having the same gap/score – BOTH get a point.

At the end of the group stage, the top 2 from each pool of 5 (in the event of a tie, all the players with the same score will qualify) will move to predict the Quarter finals scores, top 4 (plus any tied players) will move to semi's, top 2 to final/3rd place playoff which should leave us with 1 overall winner. Each player was randomly drawn a team to represent, this has no handicap system, it was just done to assign players to groups. I'll DM all with a link to the blog, just email your score predictions to, I'll compile into the blog!



Australia- Gareth Jones/Rugby Wales

England- MRRugbyWorldCup

Wales- David Shute

Fiji- Karen Lenihan/Rugby Samoa

Uruguay- Karen and Mark/ Rugby Canada

Matches to predict .....

Friday, 18 September 20:00, England Fiji, Twickenham Stadium, London

Sunday, 20 September 14:30, Wales Uruguay, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Wednesday, 23 September 16:45, Australia Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Saturday, 26 September 20:00, England Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London

Sunday, 27 September 12:00, Australia Uruguay, Villa Park, Birmingham

Thursday, 1 October 16:45, Wales Fiji, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Saturday, 3 October 20:00, England Australia, Twickenham Stadium, London

Tuesday, 6 October 20:00, Uruguay Fiji, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

Saturday, 10 October 16:45, Australia Wales, Twickenham Stadium, London

Saturday, 10 October 20:00, England Uruguay, Manchester City Stadium, Manchester


South Africa- Andrew Church

Samoa- Matt/Bath Bytes

Japan-Trevor Large/ RugbyUnited

Scotland- Luke Pickles/ Rugby Saints

USA- Matt Williams

Matches to predict .......

Saturday, 19 September 16:45, South Africa Japan, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton

Sunday, 20 September 12:00, Samoa United States, Brighton Community Stadium, Brighton

Wednesday, 23 September 14:30, Scotland Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester

Saturday, 26 September 16:45, South Africa Samoa, Villa Park, Birmingham

Sunday, 27 September 14:30, Scotland United States, Elland Road, Leeds

Saturday, 3 October 14:30, Samoa Japan, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

Saturday, 3 October 16:45, South Africa Scotland, St. James' Park, Newcastle

Wednesday, 7 October 16:45, South Africa United States, Olympic Stadium, London

Saturday, 10 October 14:30, Samoa Scotland, St. James' Park, Newcastle

Saturday, 11 October 20:00, United States Japan, Kingsholm, Gloucester


New Zealand- Rugby Inside Line

Argentina- Andy Jarrett

Georgia- Jennie Reid

Tonga- Matt Leadingham

Namibia- Dave/ Rugby Carnegie

matches to predict...........

Saturday, 19 September 12:00, Tonga Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester

Sunday, 20 September 16:45, New Zealand Argentina, Wembley Stadium, London

Thursday, 24 September 20:00, New Zealand Namibia, Olympic Stadium, London

Friday, 25 September 16:45, Argentina Georgia, Kingsholm, Gloucester

Tuesday, 29 September 16:45, Tonga Namibia, Sandy Park, Exeter

Friday, 2 October 20:00, New Zealand Georgia, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Sunday, 4 October 14:30, Argentina Tonga, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

Wednesday, 7 October 20:00, Namibia Georgia, Sandy Park, Exeter

Friday, 9 October 20:00, New Zealand Tonga, St. James' Park, Newcastle

Sunday, 11 October 12:00, Argentina Namibia, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester


France- Scott/ Rugby New Zealand

Ireland- Rich Church-Keen

Italy- Kieran Ricketts

Canada- Dan O’Rourke

Romania- Rocky Flanker

Matches to predict............

Saturday, 19 September 14:30, Ireland Canada, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

Saturday, 19 September 20:00, France Italy, Twickenham Stadium, London

Wednesday, 23 September 20:00, France Romania, Olympic Stadium, London

Saturday, 26 September 14:30, Italy Canada, Elland Road, Leeds

Sunday, 27 September 16:45, Ireland Romania, Wembley Stadium, London

Thursday, 1 October 20:00, France Canada, Stadium mk, Milton Keynes

Sunday, 4 October 16:45, Ireland Italy, Olympic Stadium, London

Tuesday, 6 October 16:45, Canada Romania, Leicester City Stadium, Leicester

Sunday, 11 October 14:30, Italy Romania, Sandy Park, Exeter

Sunday, 11 October 16:45, France Ireland, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

So that's it. you have until Sept 15th to send me your scores. If I don't get your predictions, I will either try to find a replacement player, or eliminate a team from the group, but I hope to have the blog up prior to the 1st match!!


Happy picking!