The RugbyUnited awards 2015

Any long term rugbyunited blog readers will already know I do an end of year award blog, usually in December or January, but it's only ever MY awards, however, this year, via Luke Pickles of @rugbysaints and Stephen Engel of @rugbyeng we will open the awards to YOU. I'll hand over to the guys who'll explain their new idea! 

And now for something completely different.
Season ends, and now my wait begins, to paraphrase the Nights Watch. But what a season it has been! The most competitive season of Premiership rugby we have ever seen, and the most competitive Six Nations for that matter! We’ve seen solo tries, we’ve seen team tries, we’ve seen… er.. penalty tries. Teams have had ups and downs, and this season seems to find the most disrupted order to the status quo ever. And the best part is: it’s not over yet!
As is traditional at this time of year, people are gathering in small rooms to discuss various players, teams, and results to short list a series of awards. And now, #RugbyUnited is having its own go. A panel of expert judges is required, and so we shall assemble from those who are interested. Assorted Rugby United managers will be meeting in a pub (probably) and bringing together our opinions for a series of awards. Revival of the ancient art of the pub debate and the flowing conversation will give us conclusions on so many categories.
But, and I think everyone at #RugbyUnited would agree, #RugbyUnited is nothing without their dedicated rugby fans. Which is why we, and I use “we” as an account manager for #RugbySaints, would like to invite the fans to join us on an evening where we will announce the majority vote. Let’s face it, like the General Election, we’ll never reach a full consensus. Would you be interested in joining us for a night surrounded by rugby fans, young, old, and everything in between, for a celebration of the 2014/15 Premiership season? To register interest, tweet @rugbysaints or @rugbyeng, and believe me, we will be making it a night to remember. But as with everything, we need you to make the night whole. Otherwise, it's an evening of me talking to myself... And that's what I do every other night!
The details of the evening will be finalised when we have a rough idea of numbers. But first things first, we will be needing a panel. So I call out to the Rugby United managers to nominate themselves for our panel of... we'll say "experts" to be kind! We're looking for some dedicated and opinionated people, with a few neutral bodies to keep it from getting biased. This means any RU managers who can come down for the panel are welcome. Yes, even the Welsh ones!
And what's an award ceremony without awards and categories? We already have some categories locked in: RU's team of the year; Player of the year; Young Player of the Year; Try of the Year; "Should've Been a Try" of the Year; to name but a few. But we are open to suggestions! So again, tweet @RugbySaints or @lukempickles and I will collate them.
Finally, we need nominations! We will have a "Rugby as a Tool" award, the "RaaT", and I already have a nomination in mind. Someone who has some fantastical things, through the use of rugby. So nominate to your hearts content! Players for categories, in all positions, for our Team of the year! Categories will be announced later in the month, but start your brains a-whirring. Cast them back to September, all the way to the end of May. And perhaps, we too can create a memory of a perfect season. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you have your tasks. You know where to hand your homework into, but I'll say it again: @rugbysaints, @rugbyeng or @lukempickles. Tell us your interest in coming along, your nominations and suggestions for awards. We'll see you there now, won't we?