#rugbyunited and crash ball tv. All About Rugby

You may have noticed some moderately cryptic tweets recently between Gemma and myself, well we've been dying to tell everyone but we have managed to keep it largely under wraps til now....

Last week we received an email. It was a potential partnership and.... yada yada yada. We get loads of these.... However, this one was from a TV production company, so we emailed back and arranged to meet a chap called Laurence Finn. Gem and I met with Laurence last week, prior to the Gloucester v Exeter game not really knowing what to expect.

To cut a long story short, We were asked to research and present a social media trends section of a new rugby behind the scenes show called All About Rugby. It's a very different take on a rugby show and will give fans the chance to see a largely unseen area of professional rugby.

Click here to see the Facebook page or follow their Twitter @CrashballTV

We met with Laurence again today, just to officially accept the offer, figure out our next steps and clarify a few things we need to do (and generally have a good old natter about rugby in general) Obviously we are delighted with this opportunity to bring #rugbyunited to a new medium, a new set of rugby supporters and give us exposure we never dreamt we would have!

The show will be on the Information TV channel, (Sky 212 or Freesat 401) every Tuesday between 6 and 6.55pm from October 28th. New content will be broadcast monthly and will be bringing you a vast array of behind the scenes features.


So whilst we are a million miles away from being the new Richard and Judy, its a hell of an opportunity! So thanks to Laurence and Crashball TV, we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship!

And remember to tune in!