Rich's rugby ramblings

Been a while since I did one of these bad boys, but here we goooooooooooooooooo


Jonny Freakin May!

Regular readers will know I am the biggest Jonny May fan, regardless of being accused of Gloucester Rugby bias (and NOT Saracens as someone on Twitter claimed this week....) I have to share one of the greatest tries in recent memory!


From the footwork at the start, the straightline speed, the quick handling.  Absolutely top notch effort!  And all after almost 100 minutes of toe to toe battling! Phenomenal!

This week!

Its a HUUUUUUUUUGE few days of rugby, starting on Wednesday evening as Bristol travel to Worcester for the second leg of the Championship playoff. With Warriors edging game 1 28 - 29, everything is still to play for! (Off topic, but Worcester's sky blue kit in that match is one of my favourites I've seen in a long while!!!)

It's a double header on Saturday, with Bath vs Saracens battling for the Premiership crown and Glasgow vs Munster in the Pro 12, myself and Gemma will be on journalistic duties respectively for those games, can't wait!

I'm also planning on trying to get to Summer Social at Richmond after the game on Saturday (depending what time I get out of Twickenham) to meet Mr @RugbyEng himself, Stephen Engel amongst others!

I'm staying in London Friday and Saturday night, more than happy to have a beer and a chat about rugby, gimme a shout. (Not you O'Rourke! ;-p)

There's also the playoff for the last ECC spot between Gloucester and Begles Bordeaux on Sunday at 5, which my terrible planning means I won't be able to get from London to Worcester in time for kick off!!!!


Wasps have been recruiting heavily and re-signing players galore over the last few weeks, but the signing of George Smith has really piqued interest!

He may not fit into the youthful side that Dai Young is putting together, but the master jackal will only ever improve a side, despite the advancing years! With Haskell likely to be away several times on England duty, Smith will be a vital cog in a devastatingly good back row. I may not agree with some of the off field activity, and the spin from their press office, but on field, they're looking to be in damn fine shape!!


The blog!

I have new shift patterns at work, so hopefully, I'll be able to churn out a few more regular blogs, but with the European season winding down, subjects may be harder to come by! I am always looking out for more idea's to bring you more content, so let me know if you have any you'd like to see me use!

As you may have noticed, I've written some blogs for the Premiership Rugby, Bloggers Bench recently, and I won't lie, they've been difficult to write as they have to carry a different 'tone' to my regular sweary, ranty, poorly punctuated blogs. It was bought to my attention that one of said blogs contained an 'insulting' description of a player, I can assure you, if I aim to be insulting, as the long term readers will know, I'll just say it. It was only a minority of 2 that found my comment to be this way, and whereas I don't believe it was insulting, nor do I think it was written insultingly, I apologise for any offence that may have been taken, I'm not a professional writer, I'm a chef, so maybe some of the words I use don't carry a professional tone, but let's not lose sight of the fact that my blogs are only my opinion, I don't present myself as a fact giver or as the bottom line of any discussion, I respect your opinions, so please try and respect mine, If there is something you don't agree with, tweet me. I'm more than happy to discuss my reasoning with you, in fact, half of these blogs are written to instigate discussion!

that'll be it for now, will catch you next week for the usual team of the season, the report cards and my review of my day at Twickenham!


see ya