Richs rugby ramblings!

Everyones favourite alliterative rugby series is back!



Yeah, had some minor health issues with my wife, nothing TOO serious, but bad enough that we had to be apart for a while due to her treatment. Hopefully she's on the mend now and we can get back to normality!!


Well. myself and Trevor discussed rugbyaid in 2012 during socceraid, but this year, with #rugbyunited having a bit more clout, it genuinely seems like this will happen in 2015 and it will happen on behalf of 2 amazing charities. Rugby for Heroes and the Matt Hampson foundation. All of us at #Rugbyunited know that Trev has always dreamt of being another Robbie Williams (Socceraid founder) especially the leather trousers/tiger print speedo combo that saw him barred from centerparcs.

rugbyaid on twitter


There will be an official rugbyaid twitter account (@rugby_aid) jointly run by ourselves and the charities but its not quite ready to run just yet. (we were after @rugbyaid, but someone got there first and despite saying it was free to whoever wanted it, are now using it to sell wristbands.... that is not a #rugbyunited venture and I'd like to distance us from it right now!! If we sell wristbands it will aid the fundraising efforts, not fill our pockets) NB this account has now deleted all tweets. Hopefully that means an end to misusing the rugbyaid name to self serve.


The tours

all the top European International teams are away on tour at present, with varying magnitudes of success. Ireland have a series win over Argentina, Scotland are winning games (a feat in itself!! :p )Wales, Italy and France have all notched up defeats, As have England, however to be 2 0 down in the series with a points difference of just minus 6, and some team rotation and positional experiments underway, there have been some big plus points for the England team!!

My Gloucester

All change!! Since I went away Gloucester have signed James Hook as a player and David Humphreys as director of rugby.  Added to the likes of Hibbard and Afoa and there's a bit of a buzz starting around the #glawsfamily..... but we gave had false dawns before. time will tell....