Rich's Rugby Ramble

Rich's Rugby Ramble

Well, yesterday, I wrote a satirical piece lambasting the anti rugby stance of some of the Daily Mail staff, my first attempt at an outright comedy blog. I even made a Daily Fail banner (which is now on my last blog)....then, like an absolute cock womble, I shut the webpage down without saving it. Tried everything to restore it, but alas, it was lost. 4 hours down the drain. 

So. With that piece lost, and my brain unwilling to spend another 4 hours trying to recreate it, I go to my fallback blog..... the Ramble!

Robshaw- fifty caps?

Chris Robshaw should earn his 50th cap this week...... it seems like he's had so many more, doesn't it! 42 of them caps were as captain and it's been...... a rollercoaster for him, and this season probably his biggest challenge, but he's rose to it, and with the World Cup a distant memory now, you have to give Robshaw a lot of credit for the way he's handled himself, especially with the media and the hard work he's put in to return to top form, so Congratulations Chris!!!

So after a spirited performance, especially in the first half vs New Zealand on Saturday, Wales went to play the Chiefs in a traditional Mid-Week tour game where a lot of the fringe players got a run out and a chance to stick their hands up for selection. The Chiefs themselves were also under strength as their All Blacks were unavailable for selection..

Well it seems the Welsh fringe players had no intention of putting their hands up as they were destroyed 40 - 7 and 6 tries to 1.... to say that was on the cards would be a lie.

Gatland, hailed by many after Wales plucky performance on Saturday was once again under fire, his tactics are repeatedly called into question and the number of players taken on tour has also been slated. Gatland is at a point where he is the hero or villain depending on the flip of a coin. If they'd have pulled off the improbable against New Zealand, he'd have been a sure fire contender for the Lions, but his fringe side under perform midweek and people call for a change at the top. 

I'm sure a strong showing in the second test will go a long way to restoring the faith in Gats, but if things go the other way and momentum builds against him, could this be the beginning of the end?

Again Joe?

Poor Joe Marler...... he really needs to filter his brain before he speaks/writes these days.....

Bob Dwyer did what Bob Dwyer does and talks about 'England's 'illegal' scrummaging, Marler responded on Twitter with a foul mouthed retort, which was hastily removed,a move that is likely to land him in more hot water. The unfortunate thing with social media is that no matter how briefly you post something, you can guarantee someone will screen shot it. You can't get away with moments of brainlessness!

The Aussies have a history of both the media and current and former players and coaches smack talking before and after test matches, they did it in 03 and the Sydney Herald (I believe it was) had to retract an apology after the RWC win, they did it last year, criticising Marler's scrummaging, which led to several dubious penalties against him at scrum time, on this trip, we've seen several comments about Eddie Jones and Glen Ella, including wholly inappropriate questions after the game hinting at Jones and Ella having a sexual relationship over the England victory, not to mention the Fox sport highlights package delighting in previous English failures. It's an orchestrated effort to throw players off of their game and increase pressure, something Jones is very good at deflecting, but for guys like Marler, silence needs to be golden! If they rise to it, they lose. 

Bring Back Coverage!

Saturday afternoon on BBC sports homepage, 18 sporting headlines.10 were directly related to football, 3 to football hooligans, 1 was a golfer sending good luck to a football team, 1 was cricket, 1 was formula 1, 1 was rugby league and the last one was Irelands historic win against the Springboks. No mentions of the Saxons, the full England side, the Wales match or literally NO mentions, even on the results page, of the Junior World Cup. I've taken exception to the BBC's lack of non 6 nations rugby coverage for a long time, the New Zealand v Wales match wasn't even on 5 live or 5 live sports extra, sports extra had literally NOTHING on it. I understand Football is the number one option for them, the number one sport in Britain, however, when there's no football on, or only one game at a time like there is at the minute, they should be covering something else, for sure. As for the website, each sport has it's own section, having 14 football stories on the home page means neutral or casual fans won't read that England beat Australia, or that the Junior World Cup is happening RIGHT NOW in England, or that Wales had a good fight with the World Champions. If they're not going to change it, they need to rename the station and it's shows to reflect the fact it's a football channel. I have the same issue with TalkSport, it's 90% about football, call it TalkFootball and have round up's from other sports. Until a change happens, I won't be listening. 

That's it for now.