Rich's mini rant.....

Rich's mini rant.....

The problem I have with #rugbyunited is that we are unique. There's no model to check, no instruction manual to follow, we are trailblazers. Being a pioneer is a good thing, it's why we love doing this, however it has downsides too.

One being that people always know better. Honestly, the amount of times we get 'advice' on how to improve or people pointing out where we are 'going wrong' is ridiculous. We are a volunteer, non-monitised organisation, so when people tell us we should buy this awesome thing, or used paid advertising, or buy equipment, it simply can't happen. I have a full time job, it's 48 hours on a good week, without the traveling and unpaid overtime, I have a family and I have bills to pay, I'm not about to spend a fortune with no way of recouping the cost. (A big factor in why there is no #rugbyunited merchandise - to set up a 'shop', we need time and money.)

Focusing on the time thing, I had an email a few weeks ago that I instantly forwarded to Trevor as it pissed me right off. I won't name the event, but it was basically a 2 line email worded as a demand that I both research AND write a blog on their behalf. No offer of any 'freebies' (our usual payment method) and not even the word please used. I really wanted to respond with a 2 word response, 3 F's, you know the one, Trev told me I should ask for the same cash a freelance journalist would ask for such an article, instead, I took the moral high ground and ignored it totally. 

You know the #rugbyunited accounts will always help promote events, but there are ways of asking, right!

A lot of the blogs, especially the 20 questions ones, are generally done via my phone, on my way to or from work, or in the car when I'm with my wife, hence I'll miss some punctuation, or a spelling mitsake (see what I did there....) I don't fully edit the blogs at the best of times, when people send me something, I don't really want to tweak it too much, we're not a paid magazine, it's a vehicle for people to express THEIR opinions in the format THEY want, so my personal feeling on the matter is that they should go on as near to the original as possible. Most of our blogs  reach around 10'000 people from my account alone, no matter what the subject, so I think you can call it a successful blog, as I know a lot of blogs fall well under that mark (also bear in mind, that doesn't include the views from being quoted in RT's or from the main @Rugbyunited account)

So my annoyance at a few things, coupled with a busy week at work and a lack of rugby to dicuss led to my brief absence on Twitter over the past week. But truth be told, Trev and I are happy with the direction that #rugbyunited is going in, especially with it keeping up the organic mentions during the post-Lions off-season, the close season mentions are something we often struggle with. Topped off with Trevor's Lifetime Achievment award nomination in the Crabbies National Rugby Awards, it's still a good time to be involved. I just have to learn to ignore those that think they know better!