Rhino Rugby - a new project (guestblog)

The guys and girls at Rhino Rugby have launched a new project on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site, for their new ranges. If you've not heard of crowdfunding before the idea is pretty simple: people pledge money to a project in return for rewards, if the project reaches its target amount the money is transferred and the rewards handed out. However, if the target isn't reached in the set amount of time then no money is moved but neither does the backer get their products.

This is a new way of doing business for Rhino but they decided to give it a go as they are very keen to fund their new women's range. At the moment the designs are ready but the they need an extra boost to get production moving! They are aimed to be for the serious sportswoman and, of course, rugby player who wants great-looking compression that is effective and not going to make their bank account cry.

So what are Rhino offering? Well, some pretty awesome new products at up to a third off their usual price! The ranges available include compression gear, to help with performance and recovery of muscles, and technical fleece (basically top-notch tracksuits which help combat sweat).

The goal is to raise £5000 by 17th May 2014, which is pretty ambitious, but with the help of a few rugby-mad backers it should be do-able. The money raised will go towards helping their women's range get into production, as they feel the market is swamped with baby pink at high prices. Women's rugby gets overlooked so much by so many companies and it's about time someone stepped in to fill the void!

The rewards for the project start at just £10 and go up in small amounts so there's something for everyone. The top amount gives you all of the products from both new ranges and you save £100 off the retail price!

So come on #rugbyunited, take a look and see what you think. Here is the link to the project page HERE and a short video to explain in a bit more detail HERE