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A blog....and not a guest blog. YES, i am writing an ACTUAL blog! Have lost my writing mojo just recently, so bare with me!!!

Can't really think of a topic, so a RRR blog seemed apt!


The 6 Nations.

I said pre tournament, there would be no Slam and there would be a close 4/5 team race for the title. My Twitter prediction was Ire, Fra, Eng then Wal top 4, the Sco and Ita, but that any of the top 4 or 5 could finish anywhere, and after 3 rounds, its looking like that last bit is going to prove true.

With 2 to play, Ireland have a slight points advantage and are playing some great rugby,even looking good in defeat, Rob Kearney and some superb play by the forwards have been the highlights so far!  England have so far had a similar tournament stylewise to Ireland, and are really overperforming baring in mind the lack of backline experience they have. Wales and France,  ESPECIALLY France have had real Jekkyl and Hyde tournaments so far. My personal opinion was that France were lucky to beat England. A slow start by England and 2 lucky tries, (coupled with some daft substitutions) cost England heavily in that game and gift wrapped it for Les Bleus and they have failed to perform since. Wales have had 1 good, 1 bad and 1 ugly performance and the trip to Twickenham next round is an enormous game for both now. Scotland have been poor. Again. They have some real quality in that side, but they never seem to gel. You can't solely blame Scott Johnson, the same players didn't perform consistently under Andy Robinson either. Italy.... god loves a trier. Parisse and Campagnaro have been superb and the whole squad gives 110% in every game, but they have reverted to type and are looking like Wooden Spoon fodder again this season. I would love to see Italy really kick on, but it doesn't seem to be happening.

Mike Brown and Johnny May

No disrespect to Jack Nowell, but these 2 guys excite me. And i mean that in a rugby way. Nowell has been superb stepping up to International level, but he lacks try scoring, even at club level and i fully expect his place to be taken by Wade or Yarde after this tournament.They have better finishing and leading up to a World cup, any side hoping to win it will need try scorers. He's still very young, and will always be around the squad, i just think he's a stopgap whilst Wade and Yarde are recovering from injury. However,you always have to prove that you are better than the guys with the shirt, so i may well be wrong!!

Over the last 2 or 3 seasons, Browns game has developed an amazing amount. He has an almost unique skillset in the modern era and is consistently Englands best performer. He's never going to be a Jason Robinson style attacking force, but he will punch holes in the best defensive lines and is so wildly unpredictable with his running lines that he has to be watched. Another couple of above average performances will get him the player of the tournament crown, it may well also bring the 6 nations crown back to England!

Johnny May is no secret to Gloucester, or Aviva premiership fans, he is absolutely rapid and his sidestep is devastating, generally because it goes at right angles to traditional running lines. He may not have an international try yet, but in the 2nd half of the Scotland game and the Ireland match, he truly looked like he has the potential to be considered world class. The one thing i can say about Johnny is that he brings something that no England player has for a long time. He has the X factor. He is the guy that when he gets the ball with a bit of space, you hear the crowd make that rumbling noise thats impossible to describe. If you watch the Ireland game, it happens 5 or 6 times. I may be biased as i'm a Gloucester fan, but i reckon May is going to be a 50+ capped player, despite the competition for the shirt, he is simply that good.

Transfer merry go round

Yeah, its that time of year. Everyone is leaving every club for every other club in the world. Especially Toulon.

We all love a good rumour, so if you hear any, or just want to wind people up, stick your rumours on the #rugbyrumours hashtag on Twitter and lets see if we can get any good'uns going!

#Rugbyunited Midlands meet up

We have talked constantly about having a meet up and a beer at some point, so i'm trying to make one happen. Moseley play London Scottish at Billesley common on March 22nd, and as Moseley is pretty much dead central England and as London Scottish player Jordi Pasqualin is the #rugbyunited ambassador, we have chosen that game to support a non Premiership club and also have a little meet up. I know there are about 10 people interested in going at the mo, but we'd love to get a decent crowd there for a drink, a chat and a decent game of rugby! I know Trevor is forgoing Gloucester v Newcastle to be there, so come along, even if its just to poke fun at his height!

If you can let me go via the #Rugbyunited Facebook group or my Twitter account if you fancy it, we'll sort out a place to stand/meet/drink.

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Well, its not the best blog i've ever done, but its been a while and i need the practice!!

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