Pro12 problems - by Andrew Richardson

It's very clear to me that the Pro 12 is not the competition it used to be. It pains me to say it. When players like George North, Johnny Sexton and Richie Gray all make moves out of it, it makes you wonder. I know Johnny is back now but still. Add to the fact that the two Italian clubs are in their usual dire predictament and you have a league that is not producing the goods. We still have hard games, entertaining games but with Treviso and Zebre sadly we have ridiculously one sided games. Treviso, at time of writing, have only won one game! What's the point. What's the point in 52-0 defeats. The league had threatened to expel the Italian clubs over unpaid gate receipts. It seems they bottled it. There are two serious options that as a supporter I would welcome.

1. Relegation. If you are not good enough to perform at the RDS, Scotstoun or Liberty stadia you shouldn't be there. You haven't earnt that right. Some suited beurocrats put you there! Invite club sides from wider Europe. Georgia, Romania etc. Cljub Bucharest could probably turn over Zebre tomorrow!

2. Expulsion. Expulsion is pretty extreme and one that is highly unlikely. But with expulsion Scotland can have those two places. Giving three nations a full compliment of four competitive teams, and no doubt increasing the selection possibility for the Scots.

Let's end this 'plucky' Italian sides nonsense. It's a competition. If you're not in it to win it, you shouldn't be there. The same is true of the six nations. Great competition and produces some excellent Rugby. But throw relegation into the mix or even a last place playoff with the tier 2 winner! Could make for a great game.

Sorry rant over. Normal service will resume shortly!