Predictions game - Quarter Finals

Predictions game - Quarter Finals

Matt Williams(USA), Jennie Reid (Georgia), David Shute (Wales), Sean Piper (England), Andy Church (South Africa), Rocky Flanker (Romania), Matt Leadingham (Tonga) and Scott Hornell (France) are our remaining 8 in the predictions game.

Less games has meant a revamp to the scoring. The closest 2 guesses to the correct gap will get points, the closest will get 2, next will get 1 - in event of a tie, both players get relevent points. 1 bonus point for correct gap but wrong score and 2 if you get the score spot on.

Top 4 scorers will qualify for the next round. The next round will predict the 2 semi finals, plus their predicted final and 3rd place playoff results, so there is only 1 more blog for the predictions game!

South Africa 23 - Wales 19 (4 point gap) The 2 points goes to Jennie Reid with a 6 pt gap, Andy Church and Matt Williams get 1 each with a 7 point prediction

Australia 35 - Scotland 34 (1 point gap) Matt and Andy must be collaborating as they both go for 14 point gaps this time, earning 2 points each, Jennie went for 15 and got another 1 point

New Zealand 62 - France 13 (39 point gap) Andy gets 2 more with a 21 point gap, whereas David Shute gets his first point, predicting an 18 point gap

Ireland 20 - Argentina 43 (23 point gap) Shutey grabs 2 more with just a 4 point gap being closest, Matt W and Sean Piper get one each with a 3 point gap predicted!


So, the Quarter finals scores were -

Andy Church (South Africa) - 5 points

Matt Williams (USA) - 4 points

David Shute (Wales) and Jennie Reid (Georgia) get 3 points each

Sean Piper (England) - 1 point

Rocky Flanker (Romania), Matt Leadingham (Tonga) and Scott Hornell (France) all get 0.


So Andy Church (my dad, I'll never hear the end of this!), Matt Williams, David Shute and Jennie Reid all  qualify!!!


Well done all!


The games to predict are :-

New Zealand vs South Africa

Argentina vs Australia

The Final between the 2 winners you predicted and the 3rd place playoff between your 2 losers. Remember, if you don't pick the right winners, you won't get points in the final! This rounds new scoring method will also be retained!


Good luck all!