Post season blues

Post season blues

Yup. It's that time of year again. Club rugby in Europe is on hiatus and it becomes really difficult to keep the impetus we've built up on the blog flowing. Subject matter is very hard to come by. I don't follow Super Rugby, I haven't seen any of the Junior World Cup matches and I think I've covered most of the talking points to date on previous blogs.

The one thing that the blog downtime does help with, is my free time to deal with the mountain of #rugbyunited emails. I'm sure Trevor, Gemma, Stephen et al will agree with me when I say that it's an absolute minefield dealing with the #RU emails. I get dozens a week offering money, discounts, clothing etc etc and I'd wager 90% of them are to be frank, talking bollocks.

There are always that 10% though that offer something genuine. You'll need to keep an eye out over the next few weeks, as we look to launch an exciting monthly competition where we will offer a piece of in-game rugby equipment EXCLUSIVE to #Rugbyunited and our new partner.

I won't name the company yet, we'll be doing that in the proper launch blog in the near future, but it's a really cool partnership and we are really looking forward to showing you the prototype over the next few weeks.

I also write this blog 100 days away from the opening game of the Rugby World Cup, 100 days, so near yet so far!! One of my blog ideas is to write reviews of some of the memorable moments of the previous Rugby World Cup, whether it's key games, upsets or reviews of the final match (I'll take requests if you have any!)

Other than that, I'm starting to struggle with original idea's for what to put on the blog. I've already shelved the Podcast (possibly permanently) due to lack of things to discuss. A while ago, I ran a poll to ask what people wanted to see on the blog. It was overwhelmingly won by people wanting to read more rants. So that's something I can look in to doing. There was also a big selection of people wanting more player profiles and Theme XV's, so if anyone has any idea's for a player to profile or a theme to build a squad, drop me a line!


That's about it today. Bit of a ramble, bit of an update, a lot of nothingness.