Partner Ball - Essential rugby training kit!

I hate technology. It's rubbish. I never understand how to use it. Innovation, however, I love and any kind of innovation about rugby especially.

A few days ago, Karen Lenihan (@Karen_Lenihan) pointed me in the direction of a company called Partner Ball (@Partner_Ball) who have created an extremely good piece of kit, called, surprisingly, the Partner Ball.

I'll pass you over to the experts for the product description!


The most original, most reliable & best rugby ball for training and playing on your own!

The Partner Ball rebounds and spirals back to the passer offering players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to perfect their individual technique and skills.  Perfect your spin pass, line-out throwing, scrum-half passing and even your drop kicking skills.

The Partner Ball:

- Is great for all round fun or serious training;
- Improves your passing accuracy and efficiency, off both your left and right hands;
- Strengthens and stabilises passing muscles;
- Develops catching accuracy and efficiency;
- Can be used to monitor results through specific targets;
- Develops reaction levels through rebounds;
- Gives more than 40 repetitions per minute;
- Can be used for 10 minutes per day to perfect your passing & catching;
- Has numerous warm up applications.
Whatever your skill levels, rapidly improve your passing skills through repetition.  Partner Ball is the essential rugby training tool for all.


Good innit!

What? You mean you don't know how it works? You don't understand? Well OK. Clicking on this next link might show you just how bloomin' good this thing is!

Partner Ball 

It's an awesome piece of training kit, I'd have loved to have had one of these as a kid. Think of the technique and reflexes you can build up. All you need is a wall, and the ball. Genius!

This has also earned these guys a spot as a finalist for the Sports Technology Awards 2015, for Best Equipment or Kit! Some feat, hey!

So for all you players out there that fancy having a go, here's the company contact details for you!

Check out the Partner Ball at  You can also find us on Facebook (, Twitter (, Google+ (, and search for us on YouTube.

E-mail us at: or call us on +44 7904 411710.




















































































































Yay! Got through the blog without once making a joke about playing with yourself.