my Gloucester job application

Name:- Richard Church Keen

Position applied for:- Director of rugby

Start date:- a months notice, but to be fair, I dont do much anyway so could start tomorrow.

Qualifications:- a one eyed Shedhead for 20 plus years, so by proxy I know everything there is to know about rugby and im never wrong.

plus I'm pretty good on Football Manager. won the Champions league with Derby County in 5 seasons. so I have plenty of management experience.


and I dont like Bath.


what would you bring to the job? :- a weekly basket of muffins and my own pencil case.

what are your visions for the future of Gloucester rugby:- keeping the shed and making Charlie Sharples the new mayor of Gloucester.

What's your biggest achievement in rugby to date? :- got from Kingsholm to my hotel at the Docks despite being blind drunk after the Munster game. Or my Coventry schools rugby runners up medal. probably the drunk bit though.


Referee's:- BOOOOOOOO cheat cheat cheat che.... oh hold on. it means references....

eerm... ask the #rugbyunited lot. they'll vouch for me!!