Make up your minds! - a mini rant

Make up your minds! - a mini rant

Unsavoury incident in the La Rochelle v Gloucester match when Jone Qovu punched Richard Hibbard in the......lower bread basket, let's say.
Qovu was cited and received a 2 week ban.

Fair enough?

Not according to several clickbait rugby news sites who revelled in whipping fans into a frenzy... '2 week ban for a punch to the balls? Terrible' kind of headlines and comments were commonplace.
Well let's get some facts straight.
I'm an ardent, partisan, one eyed Glaws fan, and I'll tell you now, Hibbs was punched in the stomach. How am I so sure? BECAUSE HE SAID SO HIMSELF.
So sucked people in with a total lie.

That isn't what triggered me.
The shock at the 'lenient' 2 week ban is from the same sites as have been bemoaning that rugby has gone soft! Make up your bloody minds!
I grew up with union being amateur, and Friday night matches vs Ebbw Vale and the likes and you couldn't go 10 minutes without a clump, historically, there is the odd bit of violence in the sport. There always will be, a punch to the stomach is hardly akin to war crimes. In my opinion, and it's my damn blog, so I will opine, 2 weeks is HARSH. it's a longer ban than people are getting for dangerous high tackles or taking the man in the air, which in this era of player safety are far more dangerous than a whack in the belly! and yes I realise he was carded prior to the punch for an elbow drop Macho Man Randy Savage would be proud of, but that's not why he was cited so is totally irrelevant.

Anyway . I'm rambling now.
Screw clickbait. It's not a tactic I plan on ever using on this blog, whether it's news, reviews or a rant. It is a scummy way of getting cheap hits on sites and all it serves is to skew opinions and damage reputations as well as fuel the trolls fires! If you see it, call them on it. Educate the casual readers. Grow the sport in a positive way! These clickbait sites are damaging rugby, no exaggeration, 100% FACT. there are so many positives we could and should focus on yet these bargain basement PAID journalists are using us as shock value or a punchline.
I'm already taking a stand on it over on facebook. Join me. Let's make rugby great again (great slogan. Should be used in politics)

Aaaaaand weight lifted. Anger dying off. Breathing returns to normal. Ooh. Is that the Daily Mail over there?