Lower tier World Cup-Part 2 - by Dan Mason

Lower tier World Cup-Part 2 - by Dan Mason

Last time out, Dan took you through the potential for Tier 5 and 6 world cups, so this time he takes us through the possibilities of Tier 2,3 and 4.... Remember this is a hypothetical scenario with no time distance or financial hold ups to help build the lower tiers up and give them something to play for.

We'll start with tier 4....


So on to Tier 3. Dan made an executive decision regarding our friends at Cyprus rugby and had placed them in this competition!!

And on we go to Tier 2! Already some names in this selection that are pushing hard to qualify for the main World Cups, and also Dan excluded the Tier 2 sides that were qualified for the current World Cup!

So there we go. I bet there's a few names in there you didn't realise had international rugby teams!

It would be total guesswork to elaborate on potential winners of the various tournaments, but if these were to become reality, it would be amazing to see these sides battle it out!!


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