Judgement Day.... success or failure? Guestblog

It was always going to be interesting to see if the WRU could attract a large crowd to the millennium stadium and emulate what England / Irish rugby have done to attract sell-out crowds!

Obviously with the current climate in welsh rugby with the continuing bickering between the regions and the WRU it would be hard to attract the die-hard fans to come along to the millennium and give their money to the WRU to watch their team play a Rabo Direct match. Also the marketing of Judgement day by the WRU could be put into question, would it of been different if all was well between the regions and the WRU?


Playing the 2 matches on Easter Sunday, was this the best day to host the games? I think most fans including myself would say no due to it being a religious holiday when most families want to be together and the poor transport timetables on the day would put most people of as the long queues outside Cardiff railway station after the matches proved!

The one thing that cannot be put into question is what happened on the field of play! All players from all 4 regions put their heart, soul and passion into playing. The Blues fast free flowing rugby, trying to run it from anywhere on the pitch to The Dragons die hard defence were great to watch.


So the Question still hasn't been answered was it a success or failure? If you asked the 30,000 passionate fans who attended it would be a yes but to those looking in from outside they would say no, particularly English and Irish rugby supporters whose unions host sell out club matches at their national stadiums every season!


So should judgement day 3 happen again next year? I would say yes but certain aspects have to be sorted out first. The dispute between the regions and WRU has to be sorted so all parties can promote and get behind the event to make it the event it deserves in the rugby calendar!

Hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on judgement day and it would be interesting to hear yours!

Gareth Jones