Judgement Day 3 - By Gareth from @RugbyWal

Now the dust has settled and fans have sobered up or have just got home from Saturday thanks to the lack of trains( but more of that latter)
Judgement Day 3 attracted a record crowd for a pro 12 match with just over 52.000 going to the millennium stadium to watch our four regions in action.

So was it a success ? I would say there were more positives than negatives.

£10 for a ticket to watch 2 matches back to back was the main attraction and many took up the offer and who can blame them and must be repeated for future judgement games.

The atmosphere on the day was good but not great and improvements need to be made, maybe grouping the fans of each region together would create a better, louder atmosphere and allocation of season ticket holders should be looked at to.

The action on the field by the players was outstanding. End to end action with no team giving up and playing 100% to the end.
The blues beaten by a much better organised Ospreys team did not give up and they proved themselves in the first 20 minutes with many chances going begging.
The second half of the first half the Ospreys woke up and showed why they are the best welsh region.

Same can be said for the Dragons who were outclassed by a much more experienced Scarlets side, but the Dragons ran everything and in a couple is seasons if not sooner with a few experienced signings will be a great team again !

The only major negative for me were the trains to Cardiff and again after the match, but you would think AV trains wales would have sorted it by now and with RWC games just around the corner it is worrying as we want to show if our great stadium

So summing up I would say Judgement Day 3 was a great success and hopefully will attract more fans to the regions pro 12 matches in future as well as grass roots rugby !!!!

Gareth (rugby wales)