Journey to Japan - Peter Redman's guide to RWC19

Journey to Japan - Peter Redman's guide to RWC19

Whether you’ve noticed or not, there has been some good news about the RWC2019, so I’m going to start with that… and urgently so.


From May 19 – this Saturday – until June 26 (a Tuesday, not that that is overly relevant), individual match tickets will be available for you to apply for. If you’re part of a Supporter’s Club or a Front Row member.


World Rugby don’t like to make things easy because even though this is Phase 2 of the ticket sales, it’s actually the 6th group we’re now into. If you don’t fall into one of these groups, try signing up ASAP, or face the wait for Phase 3 (really 7th) in September for another ballot otherwise wait for Phase 3 (really 8th) in January 2019 for real-time sales.


It’s almost as confusing as the qualifying procedure... which we’ll get to. Oh, we’ll get to it.


But most important, and the good news is still MORE TICKETS to buy.


I can’t test this out, but hopefully you can still sign up to Front Row here:


Good luck applying, let me know what you apply for and where you’d like to meet to buy me a Bīru.


Oh, you DO want to buy me a beer? Give this place a look for how to order:http://


Shochu also accepted.


I digress, we’re not into the fun part of sampling the culture (alcohol) yet – go get yourselves some tickets!


And so to the bad news, and the blog title. Yesterday, all was calm. The upper echelons of World Rugby were dormant, like a volcano ready to spit a whole heap of liquid hot MAGMA all over your crappy little European qualifiers.


And spit they did. And crap it was. Today, the hopes and dreams of half of Europe were shattered by archaic rules on eligibility. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have strong thoughts on what should and shouldn’t make a person eligible (under WR terms I’d have qualified to play for Bermuda and Switzerland at various points in my adulthood, and probably gained some caps for the former, but I’m off on a tangent again).


And not just archaic rules – unclear rules, rules which have changed more than once, and rules which aren’t uniform across all nations.


Romania, Spain and Belgium waved goodbye to the World Cup.


Russia said hello and parachuted into Pool A. Japan, Scotland and Ireland await.


German – or “wait-you-didn’t-even-get-a-single-bonus-point-Germany” – are now in a play-off with Portugal to see who might eventually face Samoa for another seat at the top table.


Farce? Very much so.


Meanwhile in Asia, the 2018 ARC has started and Hong Kong, as expected, are in pole position after the first half of matches. A hammering of Malaysia and a tighter win versus South Korea, both on the road, mean probably one more win will take HK into a cross-regional play-off with the Cook Islands… where the winner reaches the repechage.


I’m tired. When does the rugby start?




Peter Redman