"I'm an Alien, I'm a legal Alien, I'm a rugby fan in.....erm....Washington." guestblog by Andrew Richardson

As a Limey in Washington, with a weekend off I inevitably found an Irish bar! Proudly entering in my Lions shirt, my RSA shirt and my Ulster shirt on consecutive days of course. It becomes very clear that a different sports shirt confuses and even upsets some patrons. This was particularly true last night. I found myself in the company of my work colleague and an Italian American. He was adamant that football, the American type, was tedious and Baseball was dull. He described it as 'as silly having tea in cricket!' So I thought I would step up and  pass on my love of Rugby! I spoke about how fantastic our Azzuri friends play, the effort and dedication that Eagles Rugby show every time they put on the USA Jersey! I spoke about how exciting one game only 80 mins long was with no change in the offensive or defensive lines! Still he looked blankly at me. That was it, I couldn't articulate it any more, out of options I reverted to You Tube! I showed home the following videos which I believe epitomise rugby!

1. After a huge hit Welsh player Stoddart is injured. Danny Care steps up and deliberately doesn't play the ball. HERE (Note from RCK - Stoddart actually badly broke his leg here, don't look too closely if you're squeamish- its not blatantly obvious, but its NASTY)

2. Nigel Owens gets the utmost respect from players, and this beauty led to a set of T-shirts being produced! Nigel Owens
3. Team work! Here England launch from their 22 against Ireland. One of the best team tries ever. End to End stuff
4. Moments of sheer individual brilliance! Ruan the magician
5. Strength! We love Beast and this is why! BEAST power
6. This I think is the most important. Supporters. Derby games, inter-provincial games are always brutal, but when tragedy struck Ulster Rugby, with the sad loss of Nevin Spence, this is how Leinster supporters showed their respect and support. SUFTUM
I hope that he went away with a different opinion of a game that he doesn't know, understand or appreciate. We, the players, supporters, coaches, parents, friends of Rugby believe this is the best sport in the world.