I need to vent.

I need to vent.

I'm annoyed.

I'm annoyed at rugby, I'm annoyed at it's ex pro's, journalists, fans, social media armchair experts.... all of it. 

I'm a misanthropic bastard at the best of times, but in modern times, I'm being proven right to be a misanthrope!

Maybe it's just the way of the world now..... 

Lose an election - moan, blame someone else, call fraud.

Lose a referendum - moan, blame someone else, call fraud.

Lose a game of rugby - moan, blame someone else, call fraud

Someone gets voted off of Love Island - moan, blame someone else, call fraud.

and repeat infinitely. 

I mean, what is it with people? Why do they think THEIR opinion means more than other peoples? Why the insistence to, in best case scenario, fight like buggery to prove themselves right, despite evidence showing they're wrong? From freeze framing images to blatantly lying to hurt someones reputation or career (Mike Brown 'goading' Scott Williams, for example)....this goes beyond rugby rivalry, it's beyond nationality, it's a brand new category of one upmanship that doesn't just stem from Social Media, it goes all the way up to clickbait journalism from the most *cough* respected news outlets  and ex professionals and writers there are.

What happened to respecting a referee's decision? What happened to the rugby ethos of banter, not abuse?

The referee is sole arbiter of laws. It's HIS opinion. Ditto with advice from the TMO when he's called into play, and it's down to an individual interpretation of the law and whether or not the referee will agree with the advice given. The TMO in the England v Wales match ruled no clear grounding was made, he also ruled the ball hit Steff Evans knee in the build up, we'll get to that in a minute. Since the match, I've seen evidence that the ball was touched by a Welsh hand over the line, there is a case that with the ball being loose it needed clear downward pressure.... the wording of the official laws specifically says the ball needs to be pressed down (Law 21.1(b) ).....did Anscombe touch the ball down or push it forwards? Can you tell from a picture? The TMO was obviously unsure from the video evidence so said 'NO CLEAR GROUNDING'. His opinion, being the only one that mattered, is therefore correct. The ref could have overruled him if he saw it as a clear grounding, but obviously, he wasn't sure either! 

Incidentally, I've seen clear evidence the ball hits Steff Evans fingers, so the grounding was inconsequential as it should have been called as a knock on. 2 marginal, arguable decisions eventually got, SHOCK HORROR, what was probably the right decision.

And by the way. IF the try had been scored, there is nothing saying that the result would have been different. Drop the 3 points from the consolation penalty and add 7 for a converted try, we get 12 - 10 to England (obviously thats a truly basic way of looking at it, it may have spurred on a Welsh win, it may have made England come out firing, we'll simply never know either way) so seeing ex-pro's, national press and hundreds of fans claiming victory was 'robbed' from Wales is absolutely laughable.

I just wish people could just accept these things and move on. Take the rough with the smooth. The tries scored with the wrong ball to win a match, or holding out against an underdog with questionable uncontested scrums.... not so quick to lambast officials when these things happen, hey.....


Anyhoo. Got another match to watch today, so I'll end this rant. 

I still hate people.