Guestblog :- John Inverdale's 6 nations review courtesy of ENS

Sometimes, running this blog, i get a few surprises. One of which was an email today asking us to host a blog written by E.N.S sports PR agency, which is a brief interview with BBC sports John Inverdale.

I am of course, delighted to welcome them to the #rugbyunited blog family and hope to work with them again in the future.

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With the RBS Six Nations taking a scheduled break next weekend, London sports PR agency ENS has taken the opportunity to speak to broadcaster John Inverdale, about his views on the contenders so far. John touches upon sports management issues raised over the weekend from team tactics to title chances.
Hi John. What was your take on the second round of matches this weekend?
I was disappointed by lots of things at the weekend, but also surprised..
Surprised by Ireland's stranglehold on Wales and the way that Warren Gatland was outthought. It will be fascinating to see what Wales do against France and how they bounce back from such a poor performance in Dublin.
Surprised at how lacklustre France were, and also at how good one or two of the Italian backs are looking. They should have really been up at half time which would have made for a promising second half.
I was also surprised at just how bad Scotland were, not to mention alarmed at how bad the pitch was. In this day and age, you simply cannot stage matches of that magnitude on pitches like that and the criticism they have received has been justified. It will be interesting to see how Murrayfield’s installation of a synthetic pitch in time for next year changes things.
Looking at all three matches generally, I was disappointed that they were a bit too one-sided to engage the neutral TV viewer. Scotland were very poor and Italy were blown away at the start of the second half. Let’s hope the next round delivers more of a spectacle.
What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks?
I think the England-Ireland match is intriguing for several reasons.  It will be another test for the Ireland coaching team to see if they can outsmart Stuart Lancaster.  We don't know how good England are because Scotland were so poor.  They may be on the cusp of becoming a really good team, but if that's going to happen, they need to beat Ireland and in some style.  Then we will know that the makings of a team to challenge for the World Cup is in place.
After two games how do you see the championship unfolding?
I think the championship is still wide open.  I think Wales will beat France,  and if England manage to beat Ireland, then there'll be no Grand Slam and it will all come down to the last weekend. Even though the last round of matches didn’t make for great viewing, overall I think we’re in for an exciting culmination to the tournament and it’s great to see how open everything is.
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