Guest Blog :- Cabbatch Patch Beach Bulldogs launch night - by @RugbyBaaBaas




On 16th July Stephen Engel ( aka @RugbyEng) and myself, Ash (aka @Rugbybaabaas) were invited along for a beer or two, maybe even three, to see the launch of a brand new rugby team called ‘The Cabbage Patch Bulldogs Beach Rugby Team’.

So who are they and why have they formed?

Anth Lynn is your main man in this new and exciting venture.  Anth is a well respected man in the rugby world and is the Ambassador for the Georgian Beach Rugby Union. He helped set up a beach rugby tournament out there and it has been going for more than 6 years – more to come later about this tournament.

Another chap heavily involved is Stu Green, who has been the Landlord for the past 17 years at The Cabbage Patch Pub in Twickenham, which of course, is well known to rugby fanatics as the home of English Rugby.

Stu and his customers over the years, have always said ‘oh wouldn’t it be good to enter a team into these fantastic tournaments, for which they only get to witness live at Twickenham, or broadcast on TV from all over the world.

Only problem was, these tournaments were only really setup for those lucky enough to be at least semi-pro or higher, leaving us amateurs to just dream of playing in a 7-a-side, 10-a-side or a 15-a-side game.

So while Anth was busy dreaming up the idea of a UK based beach rugby team and scouting for players, he pitched his idea to close friend Stu and the idea was quickly turning into a reality.

But i bet your thinking, whats so special about setting up this team?

Well, where this team stands out from the rest, is that it is made up of players of all shapes, sizes and ages (18+) with varying degrees of rugby skills and come from all over the place. You’ve got players from Yorkshire, London, Gloucestershire, Essex and Wales to name a few.

Not only will it be just a team of various ages, skills and locations, but there is charity work involved too. Nothing beats a bit of hard working charity work, which has a fun and jolly social side to it aswell (alcohol might be involved – it’s just a hunch).

So low and behold, through word of mouth, sponsorship and friends of friends and their contacts, and especially with Anth being the Georgian Beach Rugby Ambassador,  the ‘Bulldogs’ have been asked to tour and be the first UK side to play in Georgia at the Batumi Beach Rugby Tournament.  August 7th – 10th for those who want to follow the action, either in person or online.

To be the first UK side to be invited to play in this tournament, wow what a privilege and experience that will be.

Well the Georgians won’t be disappointed as the ‘Bulldogs’ are bringing some great sponsorship with them, Stu at The Cabbage Patch is one of those, and with the contacts he has having been a well respected publican for many years, the team now have the Famous Grouse Whiskey Team on board, Charlie and James Simpson-Daniel (Gloucester and England Rugby) have their company sponsoring too, known as Kings Biltong.  Even Rhino Rugby have produced the ‘Bulldogs’ kit and and are supplying the balls for the tournament.

So all in all, it’s shaping up to be a cracking working relationship between the UK and the Georgians.

So get the first tournament out of the way, and who knows where this can lead. Further invites to future tournaments, maybe setting up one over here in the UK for the Georgians to visit and help expand their name and existence.

Hopefully us rugby loving lot here at #rugbyunited can help spread the word of this great idea.

Please give the team a follow on either Twitter, using the name of @cheekyrugger or Facebook, just search ‘Bulldogs Beach Rugby’ and like their page.

Whatever happens at the end of the day, we know that rugby has been the winner throughout.

@RugbyEng and @RugbyBaaBaas
@RugbyEng (Steve)  and @RugbyBaaBaas (Ash)
Bulldogs Kit and Their Sponsors
Bulldogs Kit and Their Sponsors
Was a pleasure to meet everyone lastnight and put faces to names of people who been apart of the hashtag we all know as #rugbyunited