Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions with @RugbyToulon_

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions with @RugbyToulon_

It's the last Getting to know you (as it's the last one I've been sent!!) so anyone who fancies having a go, email me with your introduction, the answer to the never changing 20 questions and of course, the bonus question so blatantly pinched from Gemma Fox!

Over to Larissa from @rugbyToulon_.....


I'm probably the furthest from what most of you imagine as to who's running this @rugbytoulon_ account.

I'm 5ft2, female, short, 45kgs dripping wet & Australian. Yes, I know, I probably just blew your mind lol I'll be honest, I started following Toulon when one JW moved there but I've not wavered in my support since. I love the club, the players but most of all, I love the RCT fans! Actually, just rugby fans in general. Despite the fact I follow over 15 sports & 20 teams, Toulon has a specific place in my heart. Red & Black I bleed now.

I'm incredibly indebted to #rugbyunited for without them, I wouldn't have had the opportunities to meet those I have, nor Twitter 'speak' to whom I have.

Chicken Parmas or Beef Ribs

Heineken, Corona or plain old coke

TV Show;
Past = Sons Of Anarchy
Present = GOTs

Anything with JCVD in it lol

Cruising around Tahiti & the Pacific Islands. Can never have too much surf, sand, sea, sun, fun & food! Heading off to the North-East of USA shortly so that could be a steep challenger...

Too many to choose from. Depends what 'mood' I'm in lol

I'm more into Solo artists. But If I have to pick, then Eminem featuring 50 cent, surely that's a band right ;)

Childhood Hero;

Orca Whales. 

Guilty Pleasure;
Sleeping in!

Earliest Rugby Memory;
1999 when John Eales lifted the Webb Ellis. I had no idea what the sport was, who he was, what the cup was (at the time), I just remember seeing it on the news.

Best Rugby Moment;
Tough question *thinks hard*
I'm breaking this one down (sorry folks!)...
To watch = 2003 RWC Final- think I was the only Australia going for England.
To have attended = Any of the Toulon home games at Stade Mayol. Never experienced at atmosphere like it!
To be involved in = Having coach an U16 year old school lad who's now playing for the Wallabies & Aus 7s side.

Favourite Player of All Time;
Jonny Wilkinson. Hands down.

Favourite Stadium;
Little surprise, it's Stade Mayol. If you've been there you'll understand. If you haven't, then get on it!!!

One Law I Would Change;
Straight feeds into the scrum. A big bugbear of mine.

My Clubs Player to Watch;
Scrum-Half, Anthony Meric. He's coming back from a ruptured knee so he'll take time to recapture his form. But the lads got vision, speed of foot & hand, decision making & an all round game. 

Dream Signing;
We're pretty lucky with who we have already. *whispers quietly* Eben Etzebeth. 

Favourite Kit;
Split between Argentina & USA for who usually delivers on point.

Would you Rather fight one Horse sized duck or ten sized horses?
I think I'd just run!

I nominate @rugbyclermont_, @RugbyLOU_ & @rugbycastres_ :)