Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions - @RugbyRichmond - John Lenihan

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions - @RugbyRichmond - John Lenihan



I'm John Lenihan aka RugbyRichmond aka allsportsfan66.


I grew up in North Devon and now a solid Essex boy of 25 yrs. I'm 51 yrs old and have earnt the right with pride to be called a "grumpy old man" married to my one true love (she'll probably read this) Karen Lenihan aka RugSam aka RugbyEng.


I'm a massive sports fan, an expert on any sport once I've watched at least 5 minutes of it (ask Karen about my knowledge on Curling from the winter Olympics 10 yrs ago!!).


My only real claim to fame is through work I managed to get blown up by the IRA three times on the 90's and walk away without a scratch!!!!


Food: Being a simple lad, probably a good stew and dumplings?!


Drink: Has to be an ice cold Grolsch on a hot summers day?


TV Show: Embarrassing but Neighbours!!!! Not missed an episode in nearly 25 yrs and get very grumpy if family talks over it altho I'm am allowed to express my opinion on issues raised at will.


Film:  Without doubt "Love Actually" Best film ever IMO, Christmas is not Christmas without watching this. If I'm emotional I will cry, if its dark I will cry, if I'm tired I will cry. Indeed, put this film on and I will cry!!


Holiday: We've had many but probably the 1st in Rhodes, just reminds me of happy times, Karen well, child still young enough to love and respect us and the meat platter to die for!!!! o yes and the historical monuments blah blah blah.


Song: Guessing Curtis Steiger "Your all that matters to me" the one we got married to and still sends a shudder down my spine!!! (read into that what you will!)


Band: Status Quo. Part of my upbringing, saw them live numerous times, and then finding out it at my estranged "old man" funeral that it was his favorite band was kinda cool.


Childhood hero: Probably has to be Sir Ian Botham (1981 Headingly etc etc)


Animal: Has to be German Shepherd. Currently on my 4th. Every time I lose one I say I want a lab but always end up with a shep!!


Guilty Pleasure: Probably the only one that I could mention (children may read this) is Neighbours!!


Earliest Rugby Memory: I'll start this by saying I was that kid good at all sports!! Football, Hockey, Cricket, tennis blah blah. My P.E. Teacher assumed I'd  have to be good at Rugby. My earliest memory of Rugby is therefore, standing ankle deep in sh*ty wet mud, on our top playing field, wind blowing a gale, rain lashing down, having to throw this stupid shaped ball BACKWARDS in order to go forward, whilst 15 boys chasing after me wanting to kill me!!!!!! Nah mate, not my kind of game!!! I was quickly retired from the team.


Best Rugby Memory: Based on the last question, bizarrely, several years after that experience, I ended up as head of contract security for the 1991 RWC at Twickenham, I was on the TV commentary gantry talking to Keith Webster (my boss) and this other gnarled up ex rugby player (now known to be Billy Beaumont), England kicked off, ended up with a scrum in the All Blacks 22 just below us, as they locked together you could hear the bones crunch! Ever since that moment, approx 3.02pm, 3rd October 1991, I have been hooked on the game! 


Favorite Player: Probably have to be the Quinnell brothers? I was always amazed by how such big units could run so fast and absolutely hilarious in the bar after the game. 


Favorite Stadium: The irony is that I've only ever been to 6 stadiums to watch rugby, Richmond, Madjeski, Ricoh, Bedford, Olympic (to see the BaaBaa's) and Twickenham. So not stating the obvious i.e. Richmond and Twickers I'm going to say the Olympic Stadium.


Best Ever Game Seen: Guess I'll have to refer you to Q12 (best rugby memory) based on the fact that that was the game that started the journey off for me?


One Law I would change: To be honest, as an expert on the game, I know little about the laws (that why you have a referee isn't it?) However, as the game gets more high profile, more money, more implications of winning and losing, I've seen more cheating coming into the game. Players falling down holding their faces etc. I really don't want this so the "59 old farts" need to stamp on that immediately.


My Clubs Player to Watch: Guessing has to be Will Warden our very own Captain Fantastic, excellent lock, leads from the front giving 100% every time and a real cool head. Even last season, when we kept coming so close to getting our first win in the Championship, he didn't panic, just kept going.


Favorite kit: Obviously as everyone will say, they're own!!! However, as Gloucester European campaign last year had an almost identical strip, it can't be all wrong can it? (Just saying Rich!!) Editors note - it was a special edition shirt celebrating Glaws first ever kit played in at Kingsholm, 125 years we clearly pinched the kit 131 years ago!!! It's my favourite Glaws shirt in recent memory, mind, so I'll agree with you there!


Dream Signing: Based on the fact that we're completely amateur in status and the poor boys of the championship, we'll take anyone from the Aviva Prem, maybe Itoje, Farrell or even Wade if they can't get a game?????????


Why #RugbyUnited:  I have absolutely no idea!!!!!!! No seriously, I guess it started by "if you can't beat them, join them" i.e. I was fast becoming a twitter widow due to Karen's attempt for world domination of RU's accounts! Then I started to enjoy banter and I suppose passion from the lads and lasses and then ultimately realized it'd be fun to join in and give Richmond a platform so I grovelled to the mighty Trev!


Bonus: Would you rather fight one horse sized duck, or 20 duck sized horses? Guessing it'd have to be duck sized horses, and then you could drop goal them all???


John has nominated @RugbyCan_ and @RugbyLI, but as our favourite Canadians have already had their turn, I'll make the executive decision to nominate @RugbySaleSharks!