Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbyNZ - Scott Hornell!

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbyNZ - Scott Hornell!

Hello from Downunder. My name is Scott Hornell. I am 44 years old, live with my partner on the sunny Hibiscus Coast.

My local rugby club is @SilverdaleRugby, which is a feeder club to @HarbourRugby - part of the Blues, but Harbour actually win Championships 

I've got several social media accounts: @RugbyNZ_ primarily My own @scotthornell73 and the Super Rugby accounts. We can connect on Facebook

too, but it was so cool to meet Michelle & Davey in the flesh. I might meet Trevor in Japan 2019....if the Mrs let's me go



Quickfire favourites: 

1 - Food? Crumbed lamb chops  

2 - Drink? Bourbon & coke or Lager  

3 - TV Show? Elementary [US Sherlock Holmes show)  

4 -  Film? GroundHog Day (I can watch it again, and again....see the theme)  

5 -  Holiday destination? Live on the coast, so front door step 

6 -  Song? "Don't look back in Anger" Oasis 

7 -  Band/ Musical Artist? Oasis

8 -  Childhood hero? Murdoch, off The A Team  

9 -  Animal? Border Collie dog  

10 - Guilty Pleasure? Cream Doughnut


Rugby -

11- Earliest rugby memory? - 1985 Ranfurly Shield - Auckland defeated Canterbury 

12- Best rugby experience? - Being at Homebush Stadium, Sydney for the Bledisloe Cup  

13 - All time favourite player? - Carlos Spencer. He was the confidence player, and was tough, uncompromising and always seemed to change his hairstyle 

14- Favourite stadium (not your own clubs!) -  Forsyth-Barr Stadium: New Zealand's first undercover stadium 

15 -  Beast game ever watched? - Recently, must be the ITM Cup Championship final. Harbour kept in the game, and won their first title in 20 years 

16-  What law would you change in rugby? -More free kicks, less full penalties to give wider options

17- Your clubs one to watch? - Bryn Gatland - Harbour & Blues 

18- Favourite shirt? - Occasionally, a French jersey will look good but they change them far too often to settle on one [the 1987 jersey is Cool)  

19- Dream signing for your club? -  If Aaron Smith wants to move to Auckland, Silverdale will open their doors buddy!!   

20- Why are you #rugbyunited? It always seems like any argument is between two people who love rugby, but don't agree on the finer details. If we can at least agree that the game is the best expression of ball sports on the planet, then I'd be happy


BONUS: Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses? Might have to take the Lillyput option; 10 little horses would be funny to chase