Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbyAus - Sean Piper

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - @RugbyAus - Sean Piper

Hey  All  , my name is Sean and I live in sunny Sydney Aus , I  live pretty much across the road from The Waratahs home ground hence why I love rugby and my beloved Tahs , I was born in Northamptonshire England and mum and dad bolted from there and set sail landing 24,000 miles away to the furthest place possible !!! Haha 

I joined twitter pretty much the same day Rugbyunited started and jumped in to help everyone spread the hashtag  #rugbyunited , I was hooked !

I have helped with getting RugbyWaratahs & RugbyAus off the ground to where it is today , Luckily for RugbyAus & RugbyWaratahs we have the Dale brothers helping run both accounts right now as I have been pretty busy building my house , once I move back in , I'll be in full flight again at both accounts with the guys . 


Quickfire Randoms- 10 of your favourites!

1  - Food? sashimi (love it ) steaks too 

2  - Drink?  beer with rugby & wine with dinner 

3 -  TV show? super rugby is a tv show right ! 

4 -  Film? guardians of the Galaxy 

5 -  Holiday destination? "twickenham 

6 -  Song? waltzing Matilda ! Haha 

7 -  Band? u2 & Kiss 

8 -  Childhood hero/heroine? superman 

9 -  Animal  dog 

10 - Guilty pleasure? chocolate , hot chips and red wine 


Rugby - 

11-  Earliest rugby memory 

Mum and dad took me to an AllBlacks game here in sydney and I remember running on the ground after the game and fighting another kid for the corner post! 

12 - Best Rugby memory? getting to play a charity rugby game and having some of the best players ever on my team , they were Campo, Ella , poidivin , nick Farr Jones & co 

13 - Favourite player ever (and why)  I have two John Eales & Jonah Lomu , not just for their playing talents but  mainly for just being amazing people 

14-  Favourite stadium (apart from your own club)Twickenham , amazing stadium , the standout to me is the sound of the crowd there , its deafening!

15 - Best game you ever saw? (and why) I went to the All blacks vs wallabies in sydney  , they have named it as the greatest game ever , world record rugby crowd of 109,874 people , Jonah lomu scored in the final minute to win , amazing game and got to hang out with Jonah lomu after the game , I'll never forget it . 

16-  One law you'd change in rugby I'd change points for a penalty from 3 to 1 , watching games based on penalties is bloody boring . 

17-  Who's your clubs 'one to watch'? None from my club , but one to watch is the Tongan Thor from the Reds Taniela Tupou , good luck world!!

18-  Favourite kit? My favorite kit is probably the new wallabies indigenous jersey just been released . Looks awesome.

19-  Dream signing for your club? Izzy folau , champion player to watch in full flight 

20- Why are you #rugbyunited? I just love everything about it , the friendship stands out for me , I've met people all over the world from Rugbyunited , really looking forward to meeting many more at RWC2019 , see you all there ! 


Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses?

Not sure on this one , if I fight the 10 duck sized horses and win , will the horse sized duck come and get me for killing his kids ? 

I nominate @rugbyJapan !