Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - Part 2! @RugbyLions17

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions! - Part 2! @RugbyLions17

Part 2 of 20 questions goes to Michelle, who's currently in New Zealand watching the Lions, whilst running the @rugbySaints and @RugbyLions17 accounts!


Hi, I'm Michelle, 35 years old and live in Northamptonshire. I'm Welsh through and through, well in my heart at least. I'm currently running the  rugbyunited account, but usually run the Northampton Saints one. Studying for an MBA at the mo whilst working full time, life is manic but got to live it to the full!

Quickfire Randoms- 10 of your favourites!
1 - Food - as Del Boy once said eating is for wimps 
2 - Drink - not allowed to drink through medical reasons these days so a blackcurrant squash for me
3 - TV show - got to be only fools and horses
4 - Film - Shawshank redemption
5 - Holiday destination - NZ, I want to stay (or Wales)
6 - Song - mah na me nah by the muppets, always gets people singing 
7 - Band - manic street preachers- saw them live 8 years ago and spent the whole gig trying to hold me knee together as it was broken but not diagnosed... ouch it hurt but boy what a gig! 
8 - Childhood hero/heroine - Scott Quinnell and I met him on tour! It just keeps getting better! 
9 - Animal - my puppy, or a penguin. Didn't see one yesterday so may have to come back just on a penguin spotting mission 
10 - Guilty pleasure - spoiling my god children with sweets then sending them home hyper 

Rugby - 
11- Earliest rugby memory - sitting in the churches stand at Franklins Gardens, just behind the opposition bench, someone on the field trying to gain some distance and running straight into Gary Pagel... who'd knock them back 5 yards! That's where my dad would should "welcome to Franklins Gardens"
12- Best rugby memory - either watching the Haka on sat night, or winning the Heineken cup in 2010. 
13 - Favourite player ever (and why) - Got to be Ben Cohen. You could give that man the ball anywhere on the field and he'd turn defence into attack.
14- Favourite stadium (apart from your own club)- got to be the arms park (principality stadium) there's nothing that beats the atmosphere in there... especially when we're singing! 
15 - Best game you ever saw? (and why) - Saints vs Sarries in the prem final. The spirit of the lads never stopped, and we did honestly pull it out of the bag... 
16- One law you'd change in rugby - I'd put a limit on kicking ball away, let's get some running rugby going again!
17- Who's your clubs 'one to watch'? - Alex Waller or Micky Haywood 
18- Favourite kit? (inc photo if poss) - I do love the all blacks. Especially when they wear black boots too... one team from head to toe. Look smart and mean business... not showboating.
19- Dream signing for your club? - Justin Tipuric - I think you could play him from 1-15 and he'd still be the best player on the field!
20- Why are you #rugbyunited? - rugby is all about the fans and getting behind rugby no matter how you're playing. I should know, I've been supporting wales all my life! But no matter what happens you can have some banter with the opposition and it's all in good faith. Hope it stays that way and the few people that seem to be getting in amongst us aren't going to spoil things.

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses? Why would you need to fight either? Peace baby (or if I had to... a horse sized duck... immobile their beak and they'd be helpless...)


Michelle's nominees are ALL the account managers involved with @RugbyEng, @RugbySco and @RugbyWal!

(we are still awaiting @rugbyIre and @RugbyNZ!!)