Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions with Andy Lone - @RugbySco

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions with Andy Lone - @RugbySco

Hi i am Andy Lone and i help run #rugbysco. I got into rugby during my army days watching the five nations in the 80”s but really caught the bug staying up all night watching rwc1987. .Then i started trying to get tickets to the five/six nations so I could go to watch SCOTLAND, dragging my sister along to the games. I love going to Murrayfield and the walk from Princess Street, through Haymarket and onto the stadium, popping into the pubs along the way with fellow rugby fans and enjoying the banter before,during and after the game whilst walking back into the center of Edinburgh, often making new friends, whatever the nationality and that's what i like about rugby, there's NO BARRIER”S. These last few years me and my son are now enjoy going to international”s and got to a few RWC games when they have been in the UK and i watch a lot of rugby,  Lions northern/southern hemisphere club/international rugby and like watching 7's and been to Glasgow for the weekend to watch and enjoy the festivities. I got into #rugbyunited around the start on twitter as a follower and was invited several times by our great leader Trevor Large and I originally declined but eventually capitulated and joined #rugbysco in 2014 

Favourite food - Parmo. A Teeside dish, very popular in Middlesborough

Drink -  McEwan's Export. I just love the beer, A good malt whiskey, (God's water) and Scotland's favourite, Irn Bru 

TV show - Wire in the blood, with Robson Green as Tony Hill

Film - BladeRunner with Harrison Ford. It's a classic 

Holiday -  New Zealand, the land of the Hobbits!

Band/Song -  Blondie, Hanging on the telephone, She is still going with the band and the new album “The Pollinator” is going strong!

Childhood hero - Spiderman, or Alf Tupper from the Victor comic

Animal - Labrador dogs, we just love the breed!

Guilty Pleasure -  Bomb cake, which is a sponge cake, full of cream and wrapped with marzipan/macroon bars


Earliest rugby memory - 1982 Five nations, Scotland vs England

Best rugby memory -  1999 Andy Nicol lifting the 5 nations trophy

Favourite player of all time - Gavin Hastings. Oozed class for Scotland and the Lions

Favourite Stadium - Murrayfield, the atmosphere is amazing inside and outside

Best game - 1990 Scotland vs England, David Sole's walk onto the pitch was electrifying and the roar of the crowd was awesome!

Law Change - HIA needs more work on it, and the blue card should be introduced

Clubs player to watch - Too many to pick just one!

Dream Signing - Leone Nakarawa coming back to Glasgow

Favouite kit - The Canterbury Scotland one

Why I'm #Rugbyunited _ As account manager with #rugbySco, I really enjoy working with #Rugbyunited because it's a great community and spreads across the globe, where I have made friends worldwide and spread the love of  rugby and #rugbyunited through social media where we've met some great people who participate in our rugby community. I also like the interaction with the other account managers and the banter we share. It's great to meet at the games and share a drink!