Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions!

Getting to know #rugbyunited - 20 questions!

So just how well do you know your #rugbyunited account managers? 

Probably not all that well, right? Twitter gives you an insight into their rugby teams supported but not a whole lot else. So let's rectify that. 

I wrote an article on my non-rugby blog the other day answering 101 questions about my favourite things, and Trevor suggested we tweak the premise and use it so you guys can learn a little about the people behind the #rugbyunited accounts.

First up is the dark overlord of #rugbyunited, Mr Trevor Large, may as well start at the top, right! As some of our eagle eyed account managers will notice, as Trevor is in the hotseat, he gets to nominate 3 of our account holders to provide the answers to the questions (all of which will remain the same!) if we could ask the nominee's to respond within a week, to my email (, with ONE nominee each, and let's see if we can run through all our accounts!

So, over to Trevor!

Introduce yourself - 

Hi, Trevor, 43, live in Gloucestershire, support Gloucester but happy to support and wear literally any rugby shirt (bar one!!) - tweet from @rugbyunited and dip in and out of many of our other accounts! 


Quickfire Randoms- 10 of your favourites!

1  - Food - love BBQing a whole chicken on a spit (over coal of course!) in the summer or a good roast pork joint in the winter. 

2  - Drink - cider, all year round.

3 -  TV show - master chef, and may be one day, I might have a go....  

4 -  Film - officer and a gentleman or platoon. 

5 -  Holiday destination - South Africa, but love France 

6 -  Song - Queen, Don't Stop Me Now, which was the British Army recruitment video sound track in the late 1980's....

7 -  Band - Genesis 

8 -  Childhood hero/heroine - Incredible Hulk 

9 -  Animal - cats, lucky enough to see big cats in the wild in Africa and India. 

10 - Guilty pleasure - a cheeky smoke at the rugby 


Rugby - 

11-  Earliest rugby memory - watching six nations rugby on TV and watching the underwood brothers and seeing their mum in the stands 

12-  Best rugby memory - 40th surprise birthday party at Gloucester v Munster 

13 - Favourite player ever (and why) - Mike Tindall. Love his attitude on and off the field and work rate. 

14-  Favourite stadium (apart from your own club)   - Principality stadium.  Prefer it to Twickenham and personally think the atmosphere is much better! 

15 - Best game you ever saw? (and why) - Argentina v Scotland at Kingsholm in RWC15. The Argentinian fans where something else, and you could see Gloucester fans in the Shed suddenly realising that we aren't quite as passionate as we thought!! 

16-  One law you'd change in rugby - cop out I know. Reinforce marching teams back 10 meters for (even mild) dissent. Respect is everything 

17-  Who's your clubs 'one to watch'? Lewis Ludlow. 

18-  Favourite kit? (inc photo if poss) Canterbury stash always does it for me. I live in Canterbury polo shirts. The lions range for 2017 has been superb, so it's the Lions 2017 kit for me. 

19-  Dream signing for your club? Itoje can do no wrong for me. I like his on field combative nature and his off field humility. I'd also like to see Leigh Hlafpenny at Gloucester, replacing Laidlaw's kicking prowess. 

20- Why are you #rugbyunited? - why am I rugbyunited? 5 and a half years down the line, not much has changed. I believe that our network of fans is the biggest in the rugby world; I believe we do truly connect global rugby fans and we deliver amazing opportunities to link the professional game with fans which I think rugby related corporate sponsors see. Every other day, someone, somewhere is doing something they previously thought was unreachable, and those opportunities have come through the collective rugbyunited network. Why am i rugbyunited? Because simply I enjoy it. 



Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 10 duck sized horses?

Hate this question! I've watched Gemma Fox stump many a professional rugby player by asking this, creating mass debate amongst Senior England players, leaving Bryan Habana almost lost for words, and Dan Carter completely confused! 


For me, fight fair. So it's one on one, I'll take the horse sized duck. And win. And the bonus? That's a lot of crispy duck pancakes afterwards.... 


Nominate 3 more accounts to provide the answers!

As it's mid Lions 2017 tour, I think it would be apt to nominate; 

Scott who runs @rugbyNZ_ and is hosting a number of rugbyunited managers currently in NZ. 

Michelle who usually runs @rugbysaints but is looking after @rugbylions17 during her time in NZ. 

Meadhbh runs @rugbyire for us, and is also in NZ selected as part of an official Lions Pick of the Pride ambassador programme. 


Hope this takes off and all the rugbyunited managers get involved!!