Totally not a rugby blog.

This is Mr Jamie McDonald (@MrJamieMcDonald) and its a particularly unflattering photo, i'm afraid!

For anyone that doesn't know who Jamie McDonald is, he has run, unaided by a support team, coast to coast across Canada all the time pushing a buggy named Ceasar to carry his provisions. You may have noticed dozens of people with the 'Flash' superhero logo as their Twitter profile picture in support of him.

He is the first Brit to complete this feat and has raised almost $120'000  Canadian and almost £40'000 all to go to various Childrens charity.

On top of this, he has previously cycled from Beijing to Gloucester and set the world record for the longest time on a static bike (roughly 11 days!)

Personally for me, it has become my evening ritual to find his daily blog and follow his progress. He has had some very bad days, injury's, doubt, emotions all plagued him, but he pushed through it and his last few weeks worth of blogs have been amazing, his positivity and dedication to finish his run have been nothing short of awe inspiring. Find his Facebook page and check them out, they are a roller coaster of emotions, humour and human kindness, both by Jamie and the people of Canada who have treated him (mainly) like family.

Jamie was largely ignored by the British press until he was attacked and mugged on New Years Eve, but even this couldn't stop him! Hell, even the Rocky Mountains couldn't stop him.

I'd like, on behalf of all of us at #RugbyUnited, to congratulate Jamie. You are an inspiration, a great role model, a fine ambassador for the City of Gloucester and without a doubt, one of the greatest, most selfless human beings on the planet!

And Jamie, if you read this, if you remember, i offered to buy you a pint next time we're both at Kingsholm, and that offer definitely still stands.


Find more about Jamie and his adventures HERE (his donations page is on there, hint hint)

Check his Facebook page HERE