Become a Crash Ball clothing ambassador - By Daniel Shearly

Who are we and why you should you read this (short answer.. potential free sh*t!)

So why am I writing today? I am the owner of a Rugby Clothing Company and we are looking for some sponsored athletes, whether they are experienced or up and coming Rugby players (at any level)..


So.. who am I?  Well I am a life long rugby fan and have played rugby all my life at various levels (and still do)..

After a match, in a pub one day a friend of mine (who plays for a division 1 side) and I decided that there weren’t any modern and relevant rugby brands around today.. .. I highly doubt the lovely people at Nike and Adidas have ever taken to a rugby field and after Canterbury was sold to JD Sports and then an investment company all the heritage left the brand.. you are then left with smaller brands such as Kooga but in our opinion their designs are pretty old fashioned and didn’t really get our hearts racing.. so we decided to set up a company that was born and bred out of a pure love of rugby by people who actually have played and experienced the sport.. Our customers so far are a mix of local club players, fans as well as a few top flight rugby players in France and England…


Our company is ‘Crash Ball Rugby’ ( should you wish to check it out).. We are always looking to add new products but we are now looking for people to test our products (these are rugby products.. they need to be properly tested in training/game situations) as well as people who will then help us spread the word about our brand and our love of Rugby.. so basically you get some free Rugby stuff in exchange for helping us spread the word about our company.. Next products we really want to test are some baselayer and compression stuff along with new hoodies, joggers, tee’s etc..



What we would need from you..

You must be passionate about rugby, you don’t need to be playing at the highest level but you must love the sport and have a great attitude.. a strong social media following would be preferable but not essential.. most important to us would be your love for rugby and a nice friendly attitude


How do you apply?

Keep an eye out on our Facebook ( and Instagram page (crash_ball_rugby) for our announcement soon… we are giving Rich @ Rugbyunited blog the first info about this competition.. we haven’t even announced it ourselves yet.. but we love his blog so thought it’s only right we gave his readers the first notice of our competition. Feel free to come chat to us through our Facebook page too.. we are always happy to talk to rugby players and fans :D



Anyway.. only 10 days to go until the world cup now.. so stop reading this and go bulk buy beer, snacks, protein shakes. .whatever you like and get ready for the best September and October England has seen.. just don’t forget to keep training hard as there will be loads of new people turning up to training off the back of the World Cup trying to steal your hard earned team places and we don’t want that…! ;)  Thanks for reading and have a good season.. whether you’re a player or a fan.