An appeal to the 6 nations fans

I've been poking fun this week at all the rugby 'experts' who appear at 6 nations time, you know the ones, sit on the couch for 5 weekends a year while the rugby is on BBC and blindly spout the comments of Guscott, Davies or Moore and pass them off as their own opinions.


This picture, which i made the other day and only posted on the #rugbyunited private Facebook groups, has made its way round several Facebook and Twitter accounts and in all but a couple of cases has been taken as the usual brand of mickey taking humour that i like to pass off.

In seriousness, its a genuine opinion i have. I detest the fact that the sport that i live and breath 24/7 is taken over by these people who will turn the channel as soon as the 6 nations is over and jump on the bandwagon of the Winter Olympics (i'm also a huge Ice Hockey fan, so this will equally irritate me) and as the year progresses they will become Tennis fans at Wimbledon, etc etc!  They are generally the same people that will be uber nationalistic and cause all kinds of 'keyboard warrior' arguments for the next 6 weeks. The level of ignorance i am talking about can be summed up when i was tweeted last year to ask who Rob Shaw played for as he was having a great game. Rob.....Shaw.......


This blog is solely aimed at these people and is an appeal to them. DON'T FORGET ABOUT RUGBY for the next 12 months. There are hundreds, nay THOUSANDS of lower level clubs that would be grateful for your support. Some are free to watch, some higher on the pyramid may cost a couple of quid, but its a worthwhile, and win/win situation.

a) you will help boost their coffers and potentially help them to develop and grow as a club

b) you will fill in the blanks in your rugby knowledge and grow to know more about this amazing sport and love it more.

c) you will meet some amazing people. it doesn't matter how far down the ladder you climb to watch, there are always some truly wonderful people who live vicariously through 'their' team. They will most likely either have something to do with the running of the club, be it fundraising, coaching, secretarial work, the list is endless or they will have family that play, or have played for the club which fuels their passion weekly. Most the clubs will have a bar. Go and have a beer with these people. You really won't regret it!

So come on. Don't be one of these annoying, wanna be know it all part timers, go and support your local club. If you are unsure of your local club, check out RFU club finder . I'm sure the other nations will have a similar link on their website. Google is your friend.

Get involved