Andrew Richardson talks rugby..... (it's a rugby blog, what were you expecting?)

Andrew Richardson talks rugby..... (it's a rugby blog, what were you expecting?)

So in a week where a Rich posted yet another rant, a great Twitter fiend wrote about a BaaBaa team in the RWC, I was thinking. What other innovations could our sports governing body implement to improve Rugby globally. Today it hit me. At work I was talking to the boss about his efforts in Pristina, Kosovo. You don’t need to know much about the history or politics of Kosovo and the wider Balkans, but you do need to know that participation in any other sport other than football or basketball is unheard of! For regular readers of my blogs you’ll know how much I love grassroots rugby and development of the sport. I credit Rugby for my own successes in life.

So the idea. I would love World Rugby to grab the tier one nations, slap them round the head for a bit and get them to put effort and cash into developing others! For example a £5000 investment from England (the richest union) is peanuts but would provide equipment, training, and the additional costs like grass cutting. It’s the cost of one table at a dinner night! In the ‘off season’ would it hurt to jump on a plane to provide coaching or referee courses? For New Zealand and Australia why not head to Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea? Scotland to Bangladesh, Ireland to Germany, Wales to Croatia.

The fact is we could do so much better than we currently are. I know that there are programs in action but it’s not enough. You can’t grow a sport easily when your faced with the dominant force of Football. I wish Bill Beaumont and the staff at World Rugby stopped looking for the next big Tour/ RWC and delivered the mantra of rugby. A sport for all.

As a side note, the NZ herald ‘journo’ who said it’s disgusting that the Barbarians drank beer and then attacked Pat Lam over it, can ‘kiss ma thistle!’ Rugby players drink beer. It’s a social aspect of the game. It’s not mandatory, it’s not everything. Grow up and stop being offended on other people’s behalf!