7 Bamboos needs your help!

Those of you who are regular readers of #rugbyunited with know our #rugbyclubs brands well who are ran by a whole extensive network of great rugby fans who really know the rugby scene at the club or nation they represent. I'd like to introduce you to Max Lueck who runs our German #rugbyclubs account, @rugbyDEU_.

Along with knowing the German rugby side, Max also runs a great 7s set up, www.7bamboosrugby.com which you can read about below..... in fact, 7 Bamboos actually trained with the German International rugby team last year! Have a read of this blog and please spread the word......

Why you should invest in 7 Bamboos Rugby
Oh no, not another fancy looking 7s rugby team that is looking for some cash to finance “stunning” looking stash and a couple of beers, while they are bathing their six-packs in the hot sun surrounded by beautiful ladies after a successful tournament…. Let me tell you right now, this is not what we are after.

But 7 Bamboos Rugby is something very different:
At the core of this project stands development. Development to me is one of the most  crucial processes in any human life, even more so when it comes to the lives of young people, because of course, they have most of their development yet to do. Unfortunately development in young people is often very hopeless. I see the main reason in the way our society provides environments for development that simply don’t allow development in the “right way”.

The recognition of this problem is the whole intention behind 7 Bamboos Rugby. To set up the best possible environments for young people to develop. The sport 7s rugby has just been identified as a very good tool for effective development. But it is the development itself that counts.
And here we are, asking you to invest your money into the development of the future of young people. Could there be any better reason?

If you are interested and want to find out more about this exciting opportunity please contact me directly.

Many Thanks
Max Lueck
Founder & CEO

Contact Details
Phone: 078 6417 7476
Email: max@7bamboosrugby.com